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Fellowship Program

The Spine Institute of Louisiana has started a fellowship program to give neurosurgeons and orthopedists specialty training in the surgical and nonsurgical treatment of spinal disorders. After completion of a residency program, many physicians choose to further their training. The 4 board-certified neurosurgeons and 2 board certified orthopedic spine surgeons, along with nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants see over 400 patients a week. More than 1500 surgical cases are performed each year. Monthly research and didactic conferences are held. This provides an excellent opportunity to expose the fellowship candidate to a wide variety of patients for diagnostic work up, surgical decision-making and surgical treatment. The doctors at the Spine Institute of Louisiana have participated in 24 FDA trials, made over 130 presentations and published 36 articles in peer-reviewed journals in the last 5 years. This provides the fellowship candidate the opportunity to participate in research as well as cutting-edge technology.
Dr. Pierce Nunley is Chairman of the program and Dr. David Cavanaugh is the Fellowship Director. Together with their partners, they worked to have everything in place before the first applicant was interviewed. Dr. Cavanaugh believes that “The knowledge and skill that one possesses today will help patients tomorrow when it is taught to others.”