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Chiari Malformation

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What is a Chiari Malformation?

A Chiari malformation is a neurological condition wherein tissue from the cerebellum portion of the brain extends into the spinal canal. This crowding over the spinal space causes pressure on the brain and the supper spinal cord which can result in a variety of symptoms. However, many with a Chiari malformation will never experience any symptoms or require treatment.


How is a Chiari Malformation Treated at The Spine Institute of Louisiana?

Treatment for Chiari malformations are based on type and severity. If no symptoms are present, your Spine Institute of Louisiana specialist may recommend monitoring the condition with MRI’s.

If symptoms are present, surgery is usually recommended to correct the malformation and alleviate symptoms. The most common procedure is known as a Posterior Fossa Decompression. During this procedure, a small piece of the back of the skull is removed which allows pressure in the brain to be relieved. Other procedures may be recommended based on whether the spine or the brain is extended into the canal and if there is excess cerebrospinal fluid in the space.

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